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Dairy Industry COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Directory

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This directory was last updated 24 August 2020. 

As the circumstances around COVID-19 continue to change, the dairy industry remains vigilant to protect our people and products.

We are responding to national and state-based regulations to ensure that dairy farm businesses and the broader supply chain continue to operate effectively through this period.

Updates on the latest restrictions and border closures in each jurisdiction can be found in here (last updated 24 August 2020).

ADF, ADPF and Dairy Australia have also created a Certification Template for people providing essential services (last updated 3 August 2020). 

For information on the use of face masks on farm, visit our webpage: Use of face masks on farm (last updated 31 July 2020).

Victorian businesses under Stage 4 restrictions are required to have a COVIDSafe Plan in place from 11.59pm Friday 7 August 2020. The Victorian Government recently amended its advice so that it is no longer mandatory for businesses under Stage 3 restrictions (regional Victoria) to have a COVIDSafe in place (except if they are deemed high risk). Whilst not mandatory, a COVIDSafe Plan is still recommended to help protect your farm business and staff. 

Download a copy of the Victorian COVIDSafe Plan template for dairy farms (last updated 21 August 2020). 

A document with guidance and information for dairy manufacturing businesses on how to assess their COVIDSafe plans for Victorian operations in Stage 4 restrictions and to ensure compliance with ‘additional industry obligations’ for high-risk businesses has also been prepared. Whilst this document has been developed with specific regard to the requirements on businesses in Victoria, most guidance, other than the described staffing reductions in high risk plans in Victoria, is applicable across Australia and has been developed with the input of state food safety regulators across Australia.

Download a copy of the COVIDSafe plan guidance dairy processors (last updated 21 August 2020). 

Dairy Australia and regional teams are working with industry partners, including ADF and ADPF, to provide industry-specific resources and extension programs to assist you in effectively managing your team and business during COVID-19.

This page has been developed to provide a comprehensive directory of all updates and relevant technical advice. Look for resources using the main menu (on the left of this page on desktop, and at the top of this page on mobile devices). 

This directory of services does not seek to reproduce information available from responsible state and federal government agencies or other organisations, instead links to all relevant sources of information, acting as a single point of reference for dairy industry participants.

This video shows some ways that everyone on farm, including visitors and service providers, can help to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 


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