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What matters to us as an industry? The same things that matter to the Australian community - the land, our animals, our people, a sustainable future and the health of our families.

We're proud of our industry, and we want Australians to know more about it. That’s why we’ve launched the Dairy Matters campaign. Designed to drive consumer trust in the industry and dairy products, the campaign is being delivered through ads featuring dairy farmers running across television, cinema and the web, as well as interactive online and community engagement activities.

Dairy Matters highlights the industry’s values and standards and demonstrates that we understand public expectations. Through this campaign, Dairy Australia can lean into conversations that exist around our industry and keep pace with the changing expectations of society around issues such as animal welfare and climate change.

A new website dairy.com.au has been launched, to provide a credible source of information about the dairy industry, its products and how they’re produced.

The highlight of the website is the ‘You Ask, We Answer’ section which allows consumers to have their questions answered by tapping into the latest research and industry experts. This is a great platform to engage with the community and answer those questions that matter to them while addressing some misconceptions about the dairy industry.

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