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Dairy Australia Annual Report 2018-19

Dairy Australia’s Annual Report includes statements on our financial activity and key performance outcomes. Download a copy of the report, or individual sections, or scroll down the page to learn more about our activities in FY19.

The 2018-19 season was one of the toughest in recent memory. Persistent, very dry conditions across all regions significantly impacted the cost of key inputs and farm profitability yet farmers showed their resilience in the face of these challenges.

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The Australian Dairy Industry FY19

National milk production decreased 5.7% to 8.8 billion litres, but the decline could have been even more severe. The Murray region was hardest hit, with water prices and falling production an ongoing concern for all parts of the industry.




million litres total annual milk production
milk production exported
* Above statistics as at 30 June 2019

Our FY19 revenue

Dairy Australia’s revenue to support investment in critical priorities for the dairy industry is obtained primarily through the dairy service levy and Commonwealth Government funding for eligible Research and Development (R&D) activities. The dairy service levy is deducted from payments made to farmers by milk processing companies which are then remitted to the Australian Government.

*Values displayed in are in $'000

Our funding allocation

Funding is allocated across the three strategic priorities (SP) that guide the programs and projects we deliver on the ground. These priorities are as follows:

  • Strategic Priority 1 (SP1) Profitable Dairy Farms – includes pre and post farmgate activities aimed at improving productivity as well as industry sustainability
  • Strategic Priority 2 (SP2) Capable People – focuses on education and training to enhance the capability of industry participants
  • Strategic Priority 3 (SP3) Trusted Dairy Industry – focuses on maintaining the industry’s long-term ‘social licence to operate’.

Strategic Priority 1 – Profitable Dairy Farms

Comprises two streams:

  1. Pre-farmgate activities that contribute directly towards improving farm profitability by balancing cost of production, risk and total return on investment. The majority of this activity is productivity improvement-oriented R&D, ‘best practice’ identification and subsequent program development.
  2. Post-farmgate activities that are focused on improving farmgate sustainability and opportunities through supply chain cost reductions or improved conditions in key international markets.
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million secured for DairyFeedbase over 6 years^
cow icon
DataGene released the world's first Heat Tolerance Australian Breeding Value
dairy farmers received Taking Stock farm business support*
^Co-investment between Dairy Australia, the Victorian Government and the Gardiner Dairy Foundation*Between July 2016 and June 2018

Strategic Priority 2 – Capable People

Encompasses programs that enhance the capability of industry participants such as extension services (the sharing of Strategic Priority 1 knowledge with farmers and advisers) and/or more general education and training activity.

This includes:

  • attracting people to the sector
  • the availability of appropriate training
  • assistance in career transitions.
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Farmer Safety Kits distributed to farmers
farmers attended Farm Safety Workshops
paper and pencil icon
Transitioned to the DairyLearn model for dairy education

Strategic Priority 3 – Trusted Dairy Industry

Focuses on activities aimed at maintaining the industry’s long-term social licence to operate, such as:

  • marketing and communications to build consumer trust and confidence in dairy products and the industry
  • informing policy with industry insights and research
  • collecting, analysing and distributing sector statistics and information for the benefit of industry stakeholders
  • maintaining the sector’s Sustainability Framework which sets and measures goals around sustainability credentials.
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australia icon
New communications strategy protecting industry's social licence
aged care residents contributed data for Dairy Fractures Trial
milk bottle icon
Renewed Unilever accreditation for sustainable Australian milk production

Chair’s report

“The 2018-19 season was one of the toughest in recent memory. Persistent, very dry conditions across all regions significantly impacted the cost of key inputs and farm profitability, yet farmers showed their resilience in the face of these challenges. "

Jeff Odgers, Chair, Dairy Australia

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Jeff Odgers - Dairy Australia Chair

Managing Director's report

“Dairy Australia continues to have an active program of investment and activities that advance the dairy industry, which is made possible through the investment of farmer levies, the support of the Federal Government in matching investment in research and development, and in the many partners who support our work. The Board and I are grateful for this support, and we will continue to focus our efforts on rebuilding the profitability and confidence of the industry.”

David Nation, Managing Director, Dairy Australia

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David Nation - Dairy Australia MD