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Effluent Management

Effluent management is an important part of any dairy farm business. Good effluent management has a number of benefits both on and off the farm including:

  • Saving money on bought-in fertiliser
  • Soil conditioning properties from the organic matter
  • Improved soil moisture-holding-capacity
  • Improved nutrient-holding-capacity
  • Productivity gains from pasture responses

Get an introduction to the basic requirements of South Australian dairy effluent systems at SA EPA Code of Practice for Milking Shed Effluent.

Or for a deeper look at the topic see:

Specific regional effluent guidelines are available for River Murray and Northern and Yorke regions:

Trained & Accredited effluent management advisers are available to help you understand requirements in your area. Contact us for more information or download the list of accredited effluent system designers.

DairySA is able to seek funding to assist farmers to undertake effluent planning. Natural Resources Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges (AMLR) Sustainable Industry grants, Natural Resources SA Murray Darling Basin Sustainable Agriculture program and the EPA have all assisted DairySA to allow participating farms to undertake a complete farm effluent system review and have an effluent plan developed by a trained advisor.

Contact us if you would like assistance with effluent planning. 


If you are planning to make more than 200 tonnes of compost in a year, the EPA requires you to have a licence and a dedicated pad and runoff pond for the composting area.

Learn more about composting guidelines and requirements from the EPA - Composting guidance.

Wastewater Irrigation Management Plan

If you are seeking approval for changes to effluent management on your farm, the EPA may request a Wastewater Irrigation Management Plan (WIMP). Your Fert$mart Plan and Irrigation and Drainage Management Plan will inform this plan. Fert$mart planners, irrigation system designers and effluent management planners can all contribute to a WIMP.

Learn more about WIMPs.


DairySA Discussion Groups

A DairySA Discussion Group gives you valuable contact and learning opportunities with your dairy farming peers in your region. Find out more.


DairyBase is a web-based tool that enables dairy farmers to measure and compare their farm business performance over time.

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