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Our work is aimed at supporting the profitability of Tasmanian dairy farms, the capability of the state's farmers, and the performance and protection of our herds. Learn more about your dairy services levy at work in Tasmania.

DairyTas works to deliver both Tasmanian-specific and Australia-wide dairy research, development, extension and education activities that support and develop dairy farmers to build robust and sustainable businesses.

We are the Regional Development Program (RDP) for the Tasmanian Dairy Industry. There are eight nationally assigned RDPs across the country, funded by Dairy Australia and the dairy service levy. RDPs exist to represent and support dairy farmers in key dairying areas of Australia.

In constantly changing global, regulatory and natural environments, DairyTas prioritise and facilitate those opportunities that best support Tasmanian dairy farmers to manage their farms and businesses.

DairyTas co-operates with a range of industry and government stakeholders to help add further value to our programs. These organisations and groups include: 

  • Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA)
  • TasTAFE
  • NRM organisations
  • State Government
  • Industry consultants and agribusiness andTFGA Dairy Council (TFGA)

Find out more about the DairyTas Board and DairyTas Staff & Contractors.