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The Jones family, Kayena

Limberlost Dairy in Kayena is owned by equity partners and managed by Peter and Jo Jones. Learn more about their Focus Farm story below.

Jones Family


Farm background

Peter and Jo are responsible for all the day-to-day management of the farm with larger decisions made by all parties involved in the farm business.

Farm challenges and goals

Specific goals and objectives for the Jones family during the Focus Farms project included:

  • To better utilise the resource base of the farm - pastures, water, land, labour and stock in order to achieve 'industry-best' profitability.
  • To use a farming business model that is sustainable, providing a good income to all parties involved, environmentally and socially responsible.
  • To provide a workplace where staff feel valued, challenged, rewarded and provide opportunities for career development.
  • To achieve a lifestyle that allows for a balance between work and family.

Farm facts and figures

An overview of the farm's productivity at the beginning of the project:

Farm details 2013/14 2014/15
Milking platform (Ha) 253 Ha 246 Ha
Area irrigated 196 Ha 196 Ha
Peak cow numbers 780 cows 770 cows
Stocking rate (cows/milking ha) 2.9 3.13
Calving start date 5 Feb 5 Feb
Annual production (Kg Milk Solids) 323,000 363,000
Feed details*
Annual Pasture Utilisation (tDM/ha) 9.4 (tDM/ha) 9.0 (tDM/ha)
Grazed Pasture per cow (t DM/cow) 2.7 (t DM/cow) 2.7 (t DM/cow)
Concentrates per cow (t DM/cow) 1.2 (t DM/cow) 1.3 (t DM/cow)
Hay, silage and other feed per cow (t DM/cow) 1.3 (t DM/cow) 1.5 (t DM/cow)
Total feed per cow 5.2 5.5
Business Details**
Annual Cost of Production ($/kg MS) $5.02 $4.91
Return on Assets for 2013/14 season 13.2% 13.5%
Cows milked per full-time equivalent 247 266

*Information taken from 2013/14 Dairy Business of the Year data
**Information taken from 2014/15 Dairy Farm Monitor Project data

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