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Read about the range of programs we invest in that help you with animal health issues as well as the causes, symptoms, and treatment for common diseases of dairy cattle.

Topics covered in this section: 

Abortion and infertility

Learn about conditions that cause abortions in early or late pregnancy or a high rate of empty cows. Read more

Animals found dead

Read about the conditions that can cause sudden death without any other observed signs. Read more

Bovine Johne's Disease

Read about the symptoms and causes of Bovine Johnes disease Read more

Breathing or respiratory discharge issues

Our information can help you with issues that affect the mouth, throat or respiratory system of cattle. Read more

Dairy biosecurity

The page contains information to help Australian dairy farmers manage biosecurity risks. Read more

Diseases that can affect humans

This page contains information about diseases that can affect human health. Read more

Downer cows

Information to help you with the causes, risks, and treatment of conditions that cause cows to lie down on their chest or side and remain unable to rise. Read more

Eye discharge

Read about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of eye discharge. Read more

Facial eczema monitoring

Facial eczema is a liver disease caused by a fungal toxin in perennial ryegrass pastures. This page contains information about the causes and symptoms of facial eczema. Read more

Heat stress

This page contains information about preventing and managing heat stress in dairy cows. Read more

Lameness or difficulty moving

Find out about the symptoms and treatment for cows with unusual gait, stiff movements or tender feet. Read more

Nervous signs

Learn about the symptoms and treatment for nervous signs which are conditions that cause staggers, blindness, convulsions, or unusual behaviour. Read more


Read our information about scours which can cause loose or watery manure, often passed at frequent intervals, and which may have a bad odour and/or an unusual appearance. This includes Bovine Johne's Disease. Read more

Skin lesions

Depending on where your cattle are located a number of different conditions can cause inflamed, irritated or scaly skin, hair loss, changes in pigmentation of the coat or skin or visible growths. Learn about the different types, their symptoms and treatment. Read more

Sudden drops in milk production

Read about these conditions which can affect a single animal or a whole herd, and have a marked effect on milk production without obvious clinical signs. Read more



Our Farm, Our Plan

Our Farm, Our Plan is a new program designed to equip farmers to clarify their long term goals, identify the actions needed and to manage uncertainty and risk.

Hay and grain reports

The hay and grain report is commissioned by Dairy Australia to provide an independent and timely assessment of hay and grain markets in each dairying region. The report is updated 40 weeks per year.

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