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Learn to identify, treat and prevent the causes of lameness in this hands-on workshop.

Healthy Hooves farmer workshops

If you're looking to explore identifying, treating and preventing lameness in a more hands-on environment, come along to one of our Healthy Hooves farmer workshops. 

Dairy Australia is working to decrease the number of lame cows in Australia by educating farmers on the ways to reduce lameness on farm, but also how to recognise lame cows early and potentially treat simple cases. 

Split into one theory session and one practical session, our veterinary facilitators will talk you through the following:

  • the costs of lameness
  • management and handling practices to prevent lameness
  • recognising lame cows
  • examining lame cows
  • treating common causes of lameness
  • practical demonstrations of restraining the cow, paring the hoof and administering a block.

You'll also discover some of the less common, but equally as impactful, causes of lameness and how best to tackle them. There'll be opportunities throughout the day to discuss the information with other farmers, swap knowledge and ask questions. 

To find out more about the Healthy Hooves farmer workshops in your region, contact your RDP:

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Dairy NSW
tel: 1800 270 778

Western Dairy

Western Dairy
tel: 0429 110 485

Murray Dairy

Murray Dairy
tel: 583 35312

WestVic Dairy

WestVic Dairy
tel: 555 71000

GippsDairy GippsDairy
tel: 562 43900
Subtropical Dairy Subtropical Dairy
tel: 0431 197 479
DairyTas DairyTas
tel: 643 22233
DairySA DairySA
tel: 0408 951 695

Download our lameness resources to keep or share with your on-farm staff

Would you prefer a hard copy? Order the complete set of lameness guides by completing this online form and they will be sent to you.