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Use the lameness cost calculator to estimate to overall financial effect of a lameness episode on-farm.

Lameness cost calculator

The economic costs of lameness are significant, particularly if the lameness occurs soon after calving. 

Each cow that becomes lame is likely to:

  • suffer pain
  • incur treatment costs (such as antibiotics)
  • reduce voluntary dry matter intake
  • reduce milk income due to withholding period losses
  • have a drop in milk production
  • be less likely to cycle
  • lose weight, and 
  • be more likely to get culled

Lameness may result in very significant costs to the farming business. An estimate of what it is costing your business can be calculated by using the Lameness cost calculator below. 

We've created an example Lameness cost report that you can view to better understand the benefits of filling out the Lameness cost calculator, the metrics that it will provide you with and how this can be applied to your own business. To begin with, we took a relatively typical farm business structure as follows:

‘Farmer Smith runs a 500-herd seasonal calving farm business. The lameness rate for his farm is 10%. 75% of the lame cows have been treated by a vet, 50% have been given antibiotics, 50% have been given blocks, and all have been administered pain relief. The estimated average cost per lameness episode is $261. Milk production has reduced by 673kg, equal to approximately $2,200 loss in milk income. 
The estimated overall financial effect is $6,536.'

Read the full report (PDF)

Use the Lameness cost calculator

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