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Milking workshops

There are a number of essential courses, workshops and discussion groups to assist farmers with optimising milk harvesting. These are all run through your RDP.

RDP Contacts


Dairy NSW
tel: 1800 270 778

Western Dairy

Western Dairy
tel: 0429 110 485

Murray Dairy

Murray Dairy
tel: 583 35312

WestVic Dairy

WestVic Dairy
tel: 555 71000

GippsDairy GippsDairy
tel: 562 43900
Subtropical Dairy Subtropical Dairy
tel: 0431 197 479
DairyTas DairyTas
tel: 643 22233
DairySA DairySA
tel: 0438 262 966

Courses, workshops and discussion groups

Learning options for you and your farm team are:

Countdown milk quality course for advisors

Training for on-farm advisory personnel to investigate a range of common milk quality issues on Australian dairy farms and develop an appropriate approach to optimising milk quality.

Pre milking teat preparation discussion module

A great way to fine-tune your pre-milking teat skills. Contact your RDP to register.

Webinar - Pre milking teat preparation

Gain insight into the latest research into pre-milking teat disinfection and how and why to do it on your farm in this one hour webinar. Watch this webinar on YouTube.

Webinar - Mycoplasma biosecurity

Protect your farm from serious diseases such as mycoplasma infections and learn best practice in mycoplasma biosecurity via this one hour webinar. Watch the webinar on YouTube.


Dairy biosecurity

Dairy biosecurity is vital for protecting your farm. Dairy farmers and their advisors now have access to a new online biosecurity tool to build their skills and adapt their management approach to biosecurity risks.

Hay and grain reports

The hay and grain report is commissioned by Dairy Australia to provide an independent and timely assessment of hay and grain markets in each dairying region. The report is updated 40 weeks per year.

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