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Data comparing farm profitability and productivity in New South Wales.

NSW Dairy Farm Monitor Project

The Dairy Farm Monitor Project (DFMP) provides profitability and productivity data for a range of farms across New South Wales. It allows farmers to compare their performance against other farms, and identify areas for improvement.


Dairy Farm Monitor Project 2016-17

NSW Dairy Farm Monitor Project 2016/17 Annual Report (PDF, 2MB)


2016-17 was the sixth year for the DFMP in NSW. The data collected and analysed from 35 farms across New South Wales this year, showed that milk price in 2016-17 was down on average by 6% on the previous year, from $7.34 to $6.89 /kg MS. The decrease was mostly felt in the South region, where South farms had a 7.0% decrease to an average of $6.48 /kg MS for the year. Milk price in the North dropped 5% to $7.28 /kg MS, however those farms in the far north coast area held steady, on the back of strong competition for milk to meet the demands of the NSW and Southern Queensland liquid milk market.
Seasonal conditions in 2016-17 varied throughout the year, with periods of very wet conditions followed by some very dry months. Record high temperatures over prolonged periods were recorded in late January and February. Many farmers have remarked that 2016/17 was one of the more difficult years to manage for some time.
The variable season is reflected in a difference in the amount of pasture consumed and fodder conserved on farms. Farmers in the North grazed but made less silage, with overall pasture consumption increasing to 8.8 tDM/ha.  Farmers in the South had a decrease in pasture consumption to 8.2 tDM/ha.
Farm profitability declined this year compared to 2015-16. The average earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) was $0.92/kg MS (10 c/l), which was a 18% decrease from the previous year.

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