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Read our collection of research papers on farm industry and business profit and learn how to generate more profit from your farm business.

Title Author Date Type
Victorian farmland values index 2014 Ough, Matthew
Creese, Jonathan 
2015  Other 
Australian farm business performance : Insights from effective farm business managers  Slaughter, Geoff
Noble, Christopher
Beattie, Claire
Glass, Rod 
2015  Research report 
Assessing the impact of financial incentives for participation in extension programmes : evidence from Ireland  Läpple, Doris
Hennessy, Thia 
2014  Conference proceedings 
Generating more profit from your farm business  Stretch, Tamara  2014  Research report 
Productivity in the Australian dairy industry: pursuing new sources of growth  Leith, Robert
Ashton, Dale
Jackson, Tom
Cuevas Cubria, Clara 
2014  Research report  
Pathways to successful farm businesses Lane, Neil  2014  Conference proceedings 
An optimization model of a New Zealand dairy farm  Doole, G J
Romera, A J
Adler, A 
2013  Journal article 
Price volatility and farm income stabilisation Modelling Outcomes and Assessing Market and Policy Based Responses Identifying Financially Versatile Milk Production Systems  Connolly, N
Jack, C
Anderson, D 
2012  Research report 
Dairy Directions: A decade of whole farm analysis of dairy systems  Doyle, P T
Armstrong, D P
Ho, C K M
Tarrant, K A
Heard, J W
Leddin, C M
Malcolm, B 
2012  Journal article 
Family business decision-making : factors and influences on choosing a successor  Marshall, Maria I
Foltz, Renee D 
2012  Other
Economic analysis of irrigation re-use systems in the Macalister Irrigation District of Eastern Victoria  Myers, BD
Tarrant, KA
Ho, CKM 
2012  Journal article 
Beneficial Management Practice (BMP) Adoption -- Direct Farm Cost/Benefit Tradeoffs  Trautman, Dawn
Unterschultz, James R
Jeffrey, Scott R 
2012  Research report 
Effects of economic factors on adoption of robotics and consequences of automation for productivity growth of dairy farms  Myyrä, Sami
Pietola, Kyösti
Heikkilä, Anna-Maija 
2012  Journal article
Strategic objectives and development plans of beginning farmers  Rantamaki-Lahtinen, Leena
Vare, Minna 
2012  Journal article 
Material about farm management from A/Prof Bill Malcolm for Dairy Providers Meeting Tuesday 7th of August of 2012  Malcolm, L R (Bill)  2012  Other 
Social benefit cost analysis of Dairy Moving Forward extension activity  Malcolm, L R (Bill)
Paine, M 
2012  Journal article
Farm-Funded R&D : Institutional Innovations for Enhancing Agricultural Research Investments  Gray, Richard
Alston, Julian M
Bolek, Katarzyna 
2012  Research report 
Evaluating options to increase profitability on a dairy farm in Southwest, Victoria Australia  Leddin, C M
Heard, J W
Tarrant, K A
Malcolm, L R
Wales, W J
Ho, C K M 
2011  Conference proceedings 
Revealing an Equitable Income Allocation among Dairy Farm Partnerships  Dressler, J B
Tauer, L W 
2011  Journal article
Developing the Spatial Dimension of Farm Business Models  Jack, C G
Anderson, D J 
2011  Conference proceedings 
Open to ideas: information flows from dairy directions to dairy farmers  Malcolm, L R (Bill)
Tarrant, K A 
2011  Conference proceedings 
Financing Matters  Malcolm, L R (Bill)  2011  Conference proceedings 
Economics of extended lactations in dairying  Malcolm, L R (Bill)   2011  Conference proceedings 
How profitable is farm business in Australia? Farm Performance Data and some implications from ABARE broadacre and dairy industries farm surveys  Lagura, Erwin
Ronan, Glenn 
2010  Journal article
What is farm business management? (chapter from: Business Management for Tropical Dairy Farmers)  Moran, John  2009  Journal article 
The marginal cow  Riden, Collin  2007  Book chapter 
Show me the profit!  Malcolm, L R (Bill)
Gibb, Ian 
2006  Other 


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Our Farm, Our Plan is a new program designed to equip farmers to clarify their long term goals, identify the actions needed and to manage uncertainty and risk.

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The hay and grain report is commissioned by Dairy Australia to provide an independent and timely assessment of hay and grain markets in each dairying region. The report is updated 40 weeks per year.

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