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The GippsDairy team use their research, administrative, technical and practical skills to deliver on our vision; to look after the interests of dairy farmers in our region.

Regional Manager/Executive Officer

Allan Cameron

GippsDairy's regional manager wants farmers to get value for their dairy service levy dollar. Allan, who has an agricultural science degree from Melbourne University as well as graduate diplomas in applied finance and financial planning, has most recently been working as a key account manager with Elders looking after corporate agribusiness clients and high net worth family farming businesses. With his strong financial background, Allan is keen to use GippsDairy's resources to further improve the financial literacy of dairy farmers, while also helping improve their capacity to grow grass and produce milk.

Executive Support Coordinator

Sallie Clynes

Sallie has a strong and diverse background in administration and is comfortable working across a wide range of activities. This includes everything from event and meeting organisation, board support, report writing and providing full admin assistance to the Regional Manager/Executive Officer and other GippsDairy staff.

Regional Extension Officer

Karen Romano

Karen is responsible for the delivery of GippsDairy's portfolio of projects to the Gippsland dairy industry and engaging with industry stakeholders to develop new projects. She is also responsible for the planning and delivery of industry events that address regional needs and showcase the dairy industry to current and future farmers.

Regional Extension Officer

Donna Gibson

Regional extension officer Donna Gibson has previous worked with the old DEPI as a technical officer in dairy soils and nutrient research and as a milk supply officer for milk processors.
Donna's role at GippsDairy is across all extension activities, with an emphasis on Natural Resource Management.
With a Bachelor of Environmental Science, the NRM space is a natural fit for Donna, who sees programs like Fert$mart as integral to modern farming practice.
Donna believes that the key to promoting environmental best practice was selling the message of what's good for the farm business can be good for the environment and vice versa. 

Regional Extension Officer

Leah Maslen

GippsDairy's Dairy Workforce Coordinator Leah Maslen knows first-hand how valuable her job can be. During almost 20 years as a Westbury dairy farmer, Leah sometimes struggled to navigate her way through the farm employment maze. In hindsight, having a specialist Dairy Workforce Coordinator would have made her farm employment processes far less time consuming and stressful. Leah believes that her dairy experience, including share farming, leasing and hiring employees for a 400 cow farm, will help her assist farmers in developing up-to-date employment practices. 

Regional Extension Officer

Irene Baker

Irene Baker brings a depth of experience to her role as a regional extension officer. Irene has built on her Bachelor of Applied Science in Agriculture from Melbourne University by working at the coalface of the industry as a dairy farmer, animal health officer and GippsDairy REO. For the past five-and-a-half years, Irene has share-farmed, leased and now owns a dairy farm where she milks 160 cows.   

Young Dairy Network Co-ordinator - Gippsland

Sarah Cornell

Sarah Cornell has seen the dairy industry from multiple viewpoints, giving her a great feel for the ’people’ side of the dairy industry.
The new regional extension officer will be taking the reins of workforce development and farm safety, while also co-ordinating the Gippsland Young Dairy Network.
“Having owned and leased-out a dairy farm, worked in the HR field and been employed at the milk-processing plant at Darnum, I understand many of the issues that surround people management and how time-consuming and complicated they can become,” she said.
In her role as YDN co-ordinator, Sarah said she wants to keep the program “active and growing, to enable the members to access more extension activities and help them reach their career goals.”

Regional Extension Officer


Ruairi McDonnell

Ruairi (pronounced Roo-ree) McDonnell has built a bank of farming knowledge through work in his native Ireland as well as New Zealand and Western Australia.
The 31-year-old believes that knowledge from outside Gippsland can only benefit the local industry.
“I think that is a key part of my experience,” he said.
“Everywhere I have gone, I have picked up a different perspective on how certain farming systems should be managed.”
“There’s differences between New Zealand, Ireland and Western Australia. All of that experience can help optimise performance into Gippsland farming systems.”
“I hope I can help them implement best practice farm management and become more technically efficient.”

Regional Extension Officer

 Ashley Burgess GippsDairy

Ashley Burgess

Ashley Burgess believes that GippsDairy can help dairy farmers utilise knowledge from other agricultural sectors.
Growing up in the horticulture industry and with a background in agronomy, Ashley has seen first-hand how vegetable growers have been forced to adapt and improve, just to survive in an ultra-competitive market.
“I think there are a lot of learnings from horticulture, because everything they do is super precise,” she said. “When you talk about summer crops, winter crops or forage crops - there is plenty to learn from the way horticulture makes the most of the resources they have available to them.”
Ashley has previously worked in the beef, dairy and horticulture industries as an agronomist and hopes her technical knowledge can help improve dairy farm performance in Gippsland. She will be working in the Land, Water and Climate area, which she described as “a passion of mine”.

Communications and Engagement Officer


Danny Buttler

Communications and engagement officer Danny Buttler comes to GippsDairy with wide experience in the world of media.
Danny has worked extensively in the communications industry, ranging from small independent newspapers, to a metropolitan daily newspaper, country newspapers and regional television before moving into corporate communications.
The role of the communications and engagement officer is to promote the activities of GippsDairy, help engage farmers and service providers in programs that benefit the industry and to help farmers access information that can help grow their farm business.


Our Farm, Our Plan

Our Farm, Our Plan is a new program designed to equip farmers to clarify their long term goals, identify the actions needed and to manage uncertainty and risk.

Hay and grain reports

The hay and grain report is commissioned by Dairy Australia to provide an independent and timely assessment of hay and grain markets in each dairying region. The report is updated 40 weeks per year.

More Initiatives