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Our international market briefs help you assess the conditions in some of Australia's key dairy export markets.

International Market Briefs 

Stay informed of changing export conditions by downloading these International Market Briefs.

Market Briefs are concise, two page primers covering the latest developments and market conditions in some of Australia's key dairy export markets. 

  • Greater China (PDF, 459KB)
    China is Australia's largest market for dairy, Chinese imports continue to grow year on year.
    Australia's reputation for quality and food safety remain important for Chinese consumers.

  • Korea (PDF, 460KB)
    Korea imports large volumes of cheese, whey and milk powders. Higher tariffs on exporters means that Australian market share is currently under pressure from American, European and NZ competitors.

  • Indonesia (PDF, 204KB)
    Indonesia is Australia's nearest neighbour and has the world's 4th largest population. This growing importer of dairy is becoming increasingly important for Australian exporters.

  • Japan (PDF, 228KB)
    Japan is a high-value, stable and mature market and is one of Australia's most important export markets.

  • Malaysia (PDF, 250KB)
    Malaysia is Australia's third largest dairy export market. The country has high dairy consumption compared with the rest of Asia. The country also imports a large amount of dairy for its extensive food manufacturing and processing industry.

  • Philippines (PDF, 674KB)
    The Philippines has quickly grown to become an important consumer of dairy project. The Philippines is the second most populous country in the ASEAN region.

  • Vietnam (PDF, 228KB)
    Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economies and has transformed from one of the world’s poorest countries to a lower middle-income country.

  • Thailand (PDF, 819KB)
    Thailand is a relatively prosperous upper-middle income country with a population of almost 70 million people, making it the second largest economy in the ASEAN region.

  • Singapore (PDF, 525KB)
    Singapore is a small and highly developed island entirely dependent on imports of dairy. As a highly open, stable economy in a strategic location, it plays an important role as an entrepôt port, from where Australian dairy is re-exported to the rest of the region.

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