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The 2019 DairyTas AGM provided the opportunity to reflect and review the industry by showcasing achievements as well as outlining the challenges faced by the industry.

Almost forty stakeholders attended the DairyTas Annual General Meeting held at The Don, Wynyard on 14 November 2019. This was an opportunity for DairyTas, Dairy Australia and guest speakers to reflect and review the industry as a whole. DairyTas Chair, Tony Clarke and Regional Manager, Jonathan Price with guest speakers included: Jeff Odgers, Chair Dairy Australia; Craig Hough, Australian Dairy Farmers; Nicholas Lyons, NSW DPI and Lesley Irvine, TIA all presented at this meeting.

This was the opportunity to outline the vast array of extension events and functions held as well as showcase achievements and outlines challenges within the industry. The industry in Tasmania continues to see steady growth. This year we saw the Focus Farm draw to a close after two years. Skilled workers continue to be a challenge with Dairy Australia devoting resources to this space. It was also confirmed the Tasmanian State Government will continue to support Business Planning and the Cows out of Creek project.

Jeff Odgers noted Tasmania continues to attract business investment from both local and international stakeholders. Research and Development within the industry is being driven through the Australian Dairy Plan reform in a way to build trust and confidence on a united forum. There is a key focus on transparency across the complete supply chain and more is to be done to attract and retain skilled workers.

Skilled workers are a key priority for the Australian Dairy Farmers as they work to review the visa system and free trade agreements.

Nicholas Lyons from NSW DPI provided an informative discussion on the Automotive Milking Systems (AMS). The first concept of the AMS was derived in the 70’s with 11 systems now operating in Tasmania. It was noted, technology doesn’t replace management, it enhances it. The AMS is a platform which collects data enabling management decisions. ExtensionAUS.com.au provides online training modules to assist with understanding this technology.

For the past six years, the Tasmania Institute of Agriculture has been collecting and analysing data through the Dairy Farm Monitoring Project. This project allows stakeholders to make informed business decisions from actual data collected on farm.

Download the DairyTas Annual Report 2018-19.

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