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The Taylor family, Heathmere

Casey and Bonnie Taylor, and Casey’s parents Peter and Wendy Taylor, run the farm at Heathmere. Learn more about their Focus Farm story below.

Taylor Family

The Taylor family was a WestVic Focus Farm from Month 20XX - Month 20XX

Farm background

The Taylor's wanted more control over grazing management and production both during winter when paddocks are wet and periods out of the grazing rotation.

Farm challenges and goals

Specific goals and challenges for the Taylor Family included:

  • Lifting milk production using home-grown feed including trialling maize.
  • Improving pasture monitoring and management.
  • Shifting calving to February, so cows are peaking in production prior to the wettest/coldest months.
  • Expanding the irrigation system to better utilise current water allocation.

Farm facts and figures

An overview of the farm's productivity at the beginning of the project:

Farm Details
Milking area 305 hectares
Dairy 40 unit rotary
Herd numbers 460 cows
Annual stocking rate (cows/milking ha) 1.6
Milk Production (Kg Milk Solids) 225,000
Home grown feed (t/DM/milking ha) 5.8
Home grown feed in diet 78%
Cows/labour unit FTE 129
Milk Production
Milk Production (Kg Milk Solids) 225,000
Milk Production (Kg Milk Solids/cow) 491
Litres (total) 2,923,947
Feed Production
Grazed feed per ha t/DM/milking ha) 4.5
Conserved feed per ha t/DM/milking ha) 1.3
Total home grown feed (t/DM/milking ha) 5.8
Total farm gross income ($/kg/MS) 6.26
Cost of production ($/kg/MS) 5.07
Earnings before interest & tax (EBIT) $kg/MS 1.38
Return on total assets % 4.80
Return on equity % 0.6
Cow Numbers 458
Kg Milk solids/cow/day 1.73
Litres/cow/day 22.5
Fat% 4.25
Protein % 3.45
Daily Income over Supplementary Feed Costs (IOSFC)
November Milk Price ($/kgMS) $5.01
Income/cows $8.67
Supplementary Feed Cost/cow $3.06
IOSFC/cow $5.61
IOSFC/ha $8.41

Closing report - November 2015

  • Cows are going into 1900 – 2000kg DM/ha and leaving residuals of 1500kg DM/ha - giving a growth rate of 16 DM/ha/day.
  • Hay feeding started six days ago to supplement until the silage is ready in another week.
  • The farm received 20mm rain, which has germinated the lucerne and the pasture is responding well also.
  • 1100 tonne/DM silage has been harvested and 8ha of hay is waiting to be baled at out paddock. 7.5ha of maize sown near the dairy last night and will be irrigated this week.

Download the complete Focus Farm report for November 2015 here.


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